Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This life I live

Through the pavements of a field,
Pass corridors of hawkers selling meals,
Sunset on the horizon,
Night crept in, a thief to steal.

I stood waiting for the lift,
Watching the leaves fall and drift,
Looking at the school I once went,
Memories flood of teachers missed.

Where had all the time gone,
Chasing dreams many years long,
I stopped to ponder,
Feeling tired and worn.

In my mind's eye,
Surrounded by crows of the night sky,
Each a choice made in the past,
Of happiness, anger, love, lies.

Yet I speak out of turn,
Regret? no that is a bridge long burned,
I know not what the future holds,
Relying on what I had learned.

For this life I live,
Was never mine to begin with,
Head against the wall, making a promise,
To honor this life I had received.

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