Friday, 26 April 2013

Waking up (a limerick)

I woke wondering where I was,
My eyes looked up and the ceiling held me,
I shifted to my side, back aching just because,
Looking out my window, why is it not the sea?
My mind thought back to the past,
I hunger for breakfast,
Is it time to get myself out of bed?
6:15am my clock rang angrily,
I reached out and thought better than smashing it,
The bed held me like a piece of cloud,
Yet I wonder if I've grown old as I toss about,
My pastor told me he is older,
That may be true, but we shall keep that a secret,
I finally got up rubbing my eyes clear,
Bowed my head and prayed to God,
Asking what humor he has in store for me,
A tale for another time or perhaps not.

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