Thursday, 25 April 2013

Striving for that impossible

Light that never fades,
Life that does not wilt,
Striving for the impossible,
Lacking as we stumble in guilt.

Mourning as our loved ones pass,
Screaming on our follies flawed,
Striving for the impossible,
Questioning the purpose, oh help me God!

In our struggle for direction,
What purpose is there to seek,
Striving for the impossible,
In Christ, do I beseech.

Yet it was said to me so very clear,
A passage that stirs my heart,
"I am the resurrection, and the life",
Walking forward on the promise of such,
Seeking the impossible?
Nay, for I shall tell you now,
For thought I may fail or doubt,
As I look up above the clouds,
My heart sings like a choir loud,
Striving for THAT impossible is what this is all about......

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