Monday 25 November 2019

Lost Passion, Found

I am a Sailboat adrift,
Lost from its mooring,
Direction-less at sea,
The winds are gone,
The sea is calm,
What am I to do?
Hands to my oars,
He drives me on each day,
Till my sights on the farthest shores,
Such joy, for my Savior is with me,
Journeying through the deepest seas.


Busyness abound,
Cars and people,
Stopping a while,
But always moving,
Stop signs, signals,
Traffic lights seen,
Red, blue lights,
Should I go left,
Or should I go right,
Following along,
Stopping only,
Just to decide,
Never questioning,'s not,
Not the destination,
But the journey,
Take the time,
Enjoy each moment,
All there is to see,
The joys of life,
Never to just let,
Let it pass you by.


Choices we make,
Hitting a wall,
Climbing fences,
Where do we go?
What do we do?
Choices, such woe,
No map to look,
No guide to ask,
Walking life's road,
Questions remain,
Yet one thing is clear,
A choice to be made,
No matter the fears,
Certainty left behind,
Spirit undaunted,
To God, we look,
Our ever-present comfort.

Changi Airport

An icon before me, tall and proud,
Time passes, as I sat watching,
By the window, staring at clouds,
My heart would not be still,
The sound thumping, so very loud,
What would the future hold?
Words that would not come out,
Yet in Him, am I safe and found.

Victoria Hall

The sights as I walked on,
Hearing the bustle and noise,
On my way to Victoria hall,
Running passed me, boys,
A scene like old-time westerns,
The sunset and calm surety,
As my eyes look to the heavens,
Whispered a prayer as I gave thanks,
For the joy in Christ, my one and only reason.

Friday 14 March 2014

What do I know

What not do I know,
Nothing, nothing, as I kneel before.
Vanity what does it afford me,
Nothing, as I view life's turbulent seas.

Beneath that rugged tree,
The stains that marred,
I struggle, hands to its bark,
Coarse to the very touch.

What do I know,
Living the very life I hate,
Hating the very one I love,
Loving the very one I long,
Waiting for that very day, written in songs......

In the storm

In this world so vast,
Caught within its strangling grip,
Over the horizon, storms that brew,
Terrible to behold, more than we knew.
It rages on, a wrath so deep,
Angry waves form, toss and throw,
Watery fingers that would not let go,
Nowhere to run, but a depth so cold.
Sinking down to the deepest end,
Helpless in everything that I do,
Eyes closed, in my soul, scared,
Yet right there, Hope had been prepared.