Wednesday, 29 May 2013


A journey I took one day,
Never looking back, determined, on my way,
Lacking purpose, m
eaning, with nothing to say,
Walking through this life, wondering as I go,
Somewhere out there, that is all I know.

Yet, I was found one Easter,
Lost and lonely, at the door, ever closer,
Warmly greeted, alone, no not for a moment,
Such peace, never to be forgotten.

To be blessed, to be living,
Guided on my way, joy in knowing,
Lead me oh God, so that I may see,
My Savior, my Love, my King.

This life I live,
Precious is the gift,
For this I know, I would walk where HE leads,
Till the day, my sweet love, I meet.

Where would this journey lead,
Remembering once it was me who sought,
Now in turn it is I who greet,
For those who pass through this door,
That is what they would meet,
A life transformed, by my God, complete.

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