Thursday, 7 March 2013

A new creation

What life yonder brings,
I yearn for something unseen,
I walk in that belief,
I do not know where it leads,
Yet I dream it always in my sleep,
My heart wishes what my mind knows,
The void that I must fill,
In this journey that leads me on,
Seeking that which I long,
Every corner, every nook,
Down the road, up the chimney,
Hands bleed, filled with soot,
Can it be that I will never find,
Crying as I bow in defeat,
Hands on the ground, head down,
Lost in strength, tired in feet,
Yet I clearly heard a sound,
Songs being sung......
Hands came to lift me up,
New robes put over old,
Water given in a cup,
Leading me on in my journey,
Hope filled my despair,
As I move ever forward
No longer alone, but placed in God's care.

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