Sunday, 20 January 2013

Inspired by our old church sanctuary

Unassuming, that is what it is,
Walking through pavements that lead to it,
Through glass doors that open unhindered,
To the peaceful vastness within.

Fingers outstretched through my sleeves,
As I stepped gently down the hall,
Feeling the weight of ages beneath.

My eyes looked to the beauty of it all,
Each and every pew that stand like guards,
Down the generations that poured their hearts.

The child whose father grew within these walls,
Now sings the songs the mother had taught,
I am humbled by these as I recall,
The honor of sharing this household of God.

I paused in front of the stage,
My eyes looked up at the Cross,
For there I am found and never again lost,
The clouds seen through glass panes,
Herald the majesty of the Lord,
For here is home and where my heart remains......

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