Thursday, 11 October 2012

An ode to Gong Cha inspired by Tabitha Lee

Lemon Kumquat....
Golden Ovaltine....
Any drink for more than a buck,
The place to be seen,
That is where LP gathers,
From the youths to the young adults,
No place we would rather.

The first I knew of this place,
Came from a youth named Tabby,
Wide eyed, angelic face,
As she looked to me.
Championing the cause like a star,
So let it always be said,
For no matter the distance how far,
That one would do most anything for "Gong Cha".

This cause deemed ever so worthy
Each drink that surprises each week,
One could never let it be,
To those that ask for a treat,
Making deals to buy them cheap,
As my ears heard one speak
"All the things I do to get drinks free"
I be thinking this is so wrong don't you see
For this I look to the person and lament,
Crying to that Champion "Please Repent"!

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